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Skincare Saturday: SweatBlock


This post is sponsored by SweatBlock. And once you read about how well this worked for me, you’ll see why I’m more than happy to be doing a sponsored post!

Suffering through hyperactive sweat glands was an ENORMOUS cause of personal strife for me when I was a teen. My favourite shirt colour was white, but I could barely bring myself to wear my white shirts because I would end up sweating through the armpits of the shirt I was wearing. And of course, sweating through white always causes that horrible yellow discolouring. I didn’t want to raise my arms in class in case I was sweating (made even worse if I was wearing a light grey shirt because those sweat stains ended up looking BLACK!). I felt like I always had to keep my arms at my sides at all times, which is quite a stressful feeling when you’re in high school trying to fit in.

I hated it so, so much. I even remember looking into possible surgeries at the time to remove my sweat glands in my armpits. (Hey, when you’re ashamed of something, you’ll try to find any kind of solution.)

SweatBlock towelettes
SweatBlock towelettes

Thankfully, I did eventually find something that would solve my problems – Drysol. It was this tap on bottle that contained liquid that would help stop sweating, and it worked, but it was so, SO painful. The kind of pain where you want to just scratch off your armpit and draw blood in the process – truly horrible.  But hey, anything to solve the sweating problem right?

So when I discovered that SweatBlock was another option in the same vein of Drysol, I was more than eager to give it a go. I was very intrigued by SweatBlock as it comes in far more manageable packaging – you get eight thoroughly pre-soaked towelettes per box. They come in those sample size foil packets which makes it extremely easy to travel with (I’m in Ottawa right now and I packed one with me just in case I need it).

Sweat Block towelette
SweatBlock towelette

Aside from the grab and go accessibility of the little towelettes, the biggest selling point for me with SweatBlock is how this feels on my skin when it’s doing its magic. I dab the towelette onto my underarms at night before I go to bed and then hit the sack. I no longer experience that unbelievable itching pain like I did with the Drysol (and I really cannot stress enough how insanely itchy that stuff is – it’s absolutely unreal) and can sleep without constantly waking up needing to scratch my pits.

So how does it work? For me, very, very well. From previous experiences I know I am extremely susceptible to the active ingredient in these kinds of products, so I can get away with using one towelette per month. My husband is an excessive sweater and he found he got a solid 2-3 days without dripping armpits (which honestly, is kind of unreal). Results will vary depending on the person (as with all skincare and beauty products really), but for me this is a winner. It’s also listed as the number 1 best-selling antiperspirant on Amazon (there are a plethora of 5-star reviews on there) in case you want to check out what others have to say.

One box will set you back $17.99 USD on the sweatblock.com website,  and it gets cheaper as you buy more. In case you’d like to pick some up with a discounted price, you can use muyourmind20 to get 20% off your orders until July 20, 2017! (I make zero commission off of this by the way – just save yourself some cash!)

Since I’ve told you my story, I’m curious about you! Have you ever suffered from too much sweating? If you’re comfortable sharing, let me know in the comments!