Hi! My name is Rachelle Young (although I prefer to be called Chelle) and I live in Toronto, Canada. I was born in 1983, am a natural blonde with relatively normal hair, have blue eyes and combination skin (dry in the winter, slightly oily in the summer). My foundation shade is an NW20 in the winter and ~NW/NC25 in the summer.

This blog is definitely PR friendly! I am interested in working with brands that align with my own interests (makeup & beauty, fitness & exercise). For a full list of brands I have worked with, please click here.

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My first interest in makeup started in 1995 at the ripe old age of 12 when my aunt introduced me to MAC cosmetics. At the time, I needed makeup to help bring out my features for figure skating competitions, so she introduced me to the company. My mom, of course, was less than pleased that a 12 year old was going to be spending her hard earned baby-sitting money on rather expensive cosmetics. Back then, eyeshadow singles from MAC were about $10.50 CAD and the brand was entirely Canadian! Which meant that not only were the products readily available in Canada, but they were also cheaper than the US. Unfortunately, they are no longer cheaper here. MAC was eventually sold to Estee Lauder and they completed their acquisition in 1998, which I think is when the prices suddenly shot up in cost.

So why did I make a blog? Well my personal background is in web sites and blogging. I ran a rather popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer web site (And You Thought YOU Were Obsessed With BtVS, under the nickname Nika) and I had a personal blog throughout my university years as well. Over the years I’ve started to miss blogging and decided to return to it when I could come up with a name for this site. Makeup Your Mind took me over a year to come up with and I was basically telling myself off for not making my mind up on a blog name (clever eh? 😉 ). That being said, I don’t want this to be exclusively about makeup and will likely post occasionally about my exercise and fitness interests as they come up.

So that’s me! Welcome to my site.

A Note on PR Samples and Affiliate Codes

You may notice that some posts or products are marked as being received for consideration. I provide this disclosure when a product has been provided to me by the brand at no cost to myself. I think this is important to highlight so as to be fully transparent, but please note that I will not waste my time telling lies. What I say on my blog is how I feel about a product regardless of whether or not I was sent it for free. PR samples are a way of keeping the blog going and up to date on the latest and greatest products. While I clearly spend a lot of my own money on products throughout the year (check out my Hauls!), the reality is that I cannot afford every single new product that launches and PR samples are a way to cover that gap while ensuring you, my reader, are kept up to date.

As for affiliate codes, they will occasionally be embedded within some links on my site and they are a way of helping me cover the costs of this web site (domain price + monthly expense of the server, etc.). An affiliate code offers me a percentage commission on a total purchase price on a web site if you navigate to it via one of my embedded links.

10 thoughts on “Contact/About

  1. Wow! Didn’t know that about Mac. That’s crazy that your still working on that shadow! That’s why I don’t buy full sized shadows. Haux is probably my favourite. My first stumble was Michelle Phan when I was 13. She was the shit to me. And it took me forever to think up a site name, and what I came up with doesn’t even mean anything. I’m jealous of your site name!
    Fluores recently posted…What EOS lipbalm did to my lips (rash/blister and super dry lips)My Profile

    1. Thankfully, I finished Haux last year! Woohooo!

      Site names are awful to come up with. Like seriously awful. And then you’re pretty much stuck with it unless you want to rebrand!

  2. You are inspiring!!! Thank you for this blog. We are the same age and I have only recently started playing with bold colors. I love all of the swatches and tutorials. You have helped me build confidence in being bold and being uniquely me!

    1. Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment Lacey! I’m so glad to hear you’ve started to play with bold colours! What are you favourite kinds of shades to wear on yourself? 🙂

  3. Oh…I didn’t know that about Mac…!! Thanks for the info..and it’s an inspiration to know how early you found what your passion is..I.e makeup..😊😊 really pleased to know..God bless you mam..

  4. I just love your blog. We have similar eyelids, which I almost never see on any of the beauty bloggers (I hesitate to say the word “wrinkly,” so let’s just say “not-smooth” lol). I don’t even know how you’re pulling off some at that color separation and detail given the extra challenge-rating, but it’s hella inspiring. I’m still learning how to pull off a perfect winged eyeliner, under the circumstances (smoky seems so much more forgiving). Very impressed!

    Any specific trade secrets? 🙂

    1. Hi Cass!
      Thanks so much for commenting! And I totally get you… they’re definitely wrinkly eyelids with a hood. I 100% know that my eyelids are NOT going to age well as I get older too. Ooof what a burden.
      I do have tricks for winged liner! I did a video on it, which you can see here:
      My biggest tip though has to be that you have to drag your wing OUT and not up. That’s made the biggest difference for me!

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