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Skincare Saturday: Live Clean Spa Therapy

Live Clean Spa Therapy

I’m really hoping you guys don’t mind the overabundance of Live Clean products that have taken over my blog for skincare posts! Because, truth be told, I really, REALLY love their products and they keep knocking it out of the park with every new product I try! (And they’re actually affordable! All the items I’ve tried out so far in their lineup are around the $10 and under price point!)

Live Clean Spa Therapy
Live Clean Spa Therapy

Also, fun fact about these photos, our bathroom had JUST been recaulked which is such a relief since now I can take bathroom photos without grossing you out (oh the joys of past tenants not taking care of their tub in a rental unit!).

Anyway, on to the products, I don’t believe the Live Clean Spa Therapy items are new to the brand, but they are definitely new to me. And, as with all Live Clean products, the Spa Therapy range is plant derived and eco-friendly!

Live Clean Spa Therapy
Live Clean Spa Therapy

The Spa Therapy Soothing Dead Sea Salts are your traditional epsom and Dead Sea salts bath soak that help to soothe muscle aches and relax you. From a personal standpoint, I find these kinds of salts to be exact thing I want to throw in my bath after having a stressful workout. The overall scent on the soak is predominantly lemon (to my nose) with hints of lavender, eucalyptus and a very small hint of ginger.

The Live Clean Spa Therapy Moisturizing Foam Bath produces a TON of bubbles!
The Live Clean Spa Therapy Moisturizing Foam Bath produces a TON of bubbles!

My favourite of the two products though is definitely the Moisturizing Foam Bath. I have long complained about bubble baths not actually producing enough bubbles so it’s really, really nice when I encounter a product that delivers me plenty o bubbles! Like the bath soak above, this one does have lemon, lavender and eucalyptus, but the punch of ginger is a bit stronger in this one which makes it really revitalizing.

In general, I’m more of a bubble bath kind of person, but dang if that bath soak doesn’t feel wonderful after I’ve pushed myself to the limits during a tough weightlifting session! Either way, I don’t think you can go wrong with the Live Clean Spa Therapy line!

The products featured in this post were sent to me for consideration.

Skincare Saturday: Lush 2017 Valentine’s Day

Lush always knows how to come through with their seasonal collections – their currently released Valentine’s Day one is enormous!

Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb
Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

The first item I immediately tried out was the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb. I had just finished up my soccer game for the evening and wanted to take a relaxing bath.

Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb
Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

The scent on this one is very rose-centric (not surprising though now is it??) with a hint of lemon oil.

Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb
Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

Plop the Rose Bombshell in the bath tub and it explodes into a hot pink burbling ball. Wait for the whole bath bomb to dissolve and suddenly you’ll find yourself swimming in sweetly fragranced rose waters with *actual* yellow rose petals floating around you. Magical? Absolutely!

Lush Two Hearts Beating As One Bath Melt
Lush Two Hearts Beating As One Bath Melt

Want something a little less fussy for your bath? Check out the Two Hearts Beating As One Bath Melt! As the name would suggest, this bath melt is two interlocking pieces that will melt into your bath water leaving behind a hydrating and silky feeling to the water. This one is a mix of ylang ylang and rose oil which gives it a bit of a tangy punch to the scent.

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

If you’re looking to have a little more fun with your bath, go for my personal favourite, the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar! Soft rainbow pastel colours covered in micro glitter is pretty much my idea of the best damn time ever – so pair that with some bath time bubbles and you’ve got a winner on your hands! Unicorn Horn has lavender, ylang ylang and neroli mixed together and you can definitely break up this bubble bar for use in multiple baths!

Lush Love Spell Massage Bar
Lush Love Spell Massage Bar

Once you’re all done with your bath, get your moisture on with a good rub down for you and/or your partner with the Love Spell Massage Bar. Quick tip for these: they pack a lot of oily punch, so you don’t need a ton of product. Swipe this on to the skin a few times and then start massaging your skin. Don’t do what I did many years ago – which is to say that I kept using the bar and turned my husband into quite the oil slick!

As far as I can see, every single item in the Lush Valentine’s Day collection is still available on Lush’s site! This is kind of a relief since their limited edition collections do tend to run out pretty fast – so if you see something you like, snatch it up quickly!

Products featured in this post were sent to me for review.

Skincare Saturday: Korres Castanea Arcadia Review

Korres Castanea Arcadia skincare

I’ve had such a backlog of skincare products to try out that I’ve actually had this set since August! However, this is one of the most interesting items I’ve seen in skincare recently: the Korres Castanea Arcadia is centered around utilizing Arcadian Chestnut tree extract!

Taken from the leaves of the chesnut tree, Lupeol is a powerful natural ingredient that contains incredible antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and skin-regenerative properties, but has never before been used as an active ingredient in cosmetics before. KORRES developed an innovative molecule known as HALupeol, which encases pure Lupeol in a hyaluronic acid shell. This new molecule creates a special system that allows the active to penetrate the skin, offerring targeted wrinkle repair. Over time, you’ll see enhanced skin elasticity, resilience and youthfulness.

Korres Castanea Arcadia Wrinkle Rewind Night Cream and Eye Cream
Korres Castanea Arcadia Wrinkle Rewind Night Cream and Eye Cream

I’ve been trying out the Wrinkle Rewind Night Cream as well as the Eye Cream (but we already know how I feel about eye creams…) as the air gets dryer here in Toronto. I’ve been using these two products together at night to help boost up the moisture in my skin. While I can’t say I’ve noticed any wrinkle reduction (I don’t really have a ton to begin with), the very first I used this overnight, I woke up the next morning with skin feeling saturated with hydrating. My skin felt like it was plumped up instead of feeling thin and dry! I’ve continued to use this as repair cream overnight whenever my skin felt dry (particularly from foundation application) and I have loved how much skin has felt every morning after!

The product does smell enticing too – not like chesnuts, but lightly sweet, slightly potpourri. From what I noticed, the face cream does have more scent than the eye cream, but neither is overpowering. Anyway, all in all, I’m kind of enchanted by the fact this uses chestnuts in the formula – feels very seasonally appropriate right now!

Let me know if you’ve tried out Korres’ Castanea Arcadia range and what you’ve thought of it!

The products featured in this review were sent to me for consideration.

Skincare Saturday: Philosophy Take A Deep Breath

Philosophy Take A Deep Breath

Philosophy is a brand I’m only starting to delve into, although I’ve always found myself moderately obsessed with them from afar. Surely someone out there understands what I mean by that… I’ve tried a few samples over the years, always loved their packaging and really liked their holiday shower gel scents, etc., but I’ve never really just gone full in and tried the width and breadth of their products!

But I am now, and I’m enjoying myself! Let’s take a look at two products from their Take A Deep Breath range:

Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Eye
Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Eye

Okay. Let me start this review off with getting something out of the way:

I do not believe in eye creams.

There. I said it.

I don’t feel they do anything for you that your moisturizer can’t already execute on your skin. I feel like they’re just the exact same moisturizer as what you can get in the larger tube jar, just put in a far smaller container with a jacked up price. So, with that in mind, you’re obviously realizing by now that I’m never going to rate an eye cream as anything other than adequate (unless I actually see visible results… which has never actually happened).

So instead, let me tell you what the Take A Deep Breath Eye Cream was like:

  • It’s a lightweight gel eye cream that was slippery, smooth and easy to apply.
  • It felt nice on my skin and sank into my undereye area and lids very quickly (much appreciated).
  • It did not have a scent (unlike its full face counterpart below).
  • I like the nozzle tip because it keeps everything sanitary every single time you use it.
  • I like the compact packaging – it’s easily squeezable.
Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Oil-Free Oxygenating Gel Cream
Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Oil-Free Oxygenating Gel Cream

My tolerance (or rather, lack thereof) for eye creams out of the way, let’s talk about the product that I *LOVED*! The Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Oil-Free Oxygenating Gel Cream is… (oh god, I’m going to say it… and it’s going to be cheesy…) a breath of fresh air. (Stop laughing at me!) Philosophy‘s site tells me this is a a moisturizer for “all skin types that helps improve the visible signs of aging while restoring and refreshing skin”.

I was actually a bit skeptical about how well a gel cream would work on my drying out autumnal skin, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this was one of the more heavyweight gel creams I’ve ever tried. That’s not to say that it’s thick and oppressive on your skin – it’s definitely not – but it has some decided thickness to it that made me feel good about applying it to my face after a shower. I don’t think this will be thick enough for my dry skin in the dead of winter, but it’s definitely good for spring through autumn!

Unlike the eye cream, this moisturizer does have a scent. It’s a very clean, aquatic scent (my favourite!). If you’ve ever sniffed The Body Shop’s Fijian Water Lotus then you’ll already be acquainted with the scent because I found it to be identical!

So those are my two cents! I can take or leave the eye cream, but the Take A Deep Breath Gel Cream is absolutely wonderful! Let me know what your thoughts are on eye creams because clearly I’ve got a strong opinion on them! Also let me know what you’ve tried by Philosophy – I’m currently dabbling with their shower gels and I’m kind of head over heels!

You can pick up Philosophy‘s Take A Deep Breath range on or on

The products in this post were sent to me for consideration.

Trying out St. Tropez Self Tanners (Review & Body Photos)

St. Tropez Self Tanners

I’ve always been intrigued by self tanners – the idea of having a tan whenever the heck I wanted it without having to deal with the problems inherent in sunbathing is really, really appealing.

But there’s a lot of downsides I always thought about too: there’s a lot of self tanners out there – between tinted moisturizer, mousses, gradual tanners… how the heck are you supposed to figure out what works for you? And not to mention upkeep and potential clothing staining? And ON TOP of all that, you have to eternally be worried about looking a ripe shade of Donald Trump.

So let me walk you through the self tanners I’ve tried out recently!

St. Tropez Self Classic Bronzing Mousse + Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion
St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse + Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion

Let’s start this out by saying that I figured out pretty quickly that a tinted gradual tan moisturizer was not the way to go for me. With the St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion just didn’t dry down fast enough for my liking. I waited thirty minutes or so, but I still felt like the product would transfer to any clothing I put on so I ended up wiping it all off with some tissue. I’m too on the go for this kind of product I think! (If you use self tanning moisturizers – tell me what you love about them in the comments!)

However, the one I ended up falling in love with is the St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse!

St. Tropez Self Classic Bronzing Mousse
St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse

The Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse is what I would consider a “typical” self tanner (this is coming from someone who has never use self tanners before though!). It has a pump top so that you can place dollops of the mousse onto  the tan applicator mitt in order to rub it on to your skin. It comes out very dark in tone which kind of terrified me at first, but rest assured that your skin will not end up that colour! That dark colour is a colour guard so you’ll know where you’re applying the product and what areas you’ve left blank.

My right leg (your visual left) covered with St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse, left leg has nothing on it
My right leg (your visual left) covered with St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse, left leg has nothing on it

So here’s a comparison shot. The leg you see on the left has the Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse on it, the right leg (my actual left) has nothing on it. This was after developing overnight (roughly 10 hours). I think on me it adds a caramel tone without going orange. That’s my take on it however, my husband did say he thought it looked a touch orange.

Since I’ve only used the product a few times now, I’ve got some tips for the newbies out there:

  • Moisturize your feet (right up to the ankle), knees, elbows and any other rough patches of skin you have BEFORE you apply this. This will help the self tan not cling to the dry patches (it gets infinitely darker on dry, dead skin).
  • The product needs time to develop on your skin – this is how self tanners work – they contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which reacts with the dead cells on the skin’s surface to temporarily darken the skin and simulate a tan. So let this product develop for 8-10 hours if you want to see the best results. I always opted to apply this before I went to bed so I’d at least sleep through the developing stage and then could shower any remnant product off in the morning.
  • I opted not to apply this to my face as I wanted to use a darker foundation to match my body instead.
  • It dried to the touch within about 15 minutes, so I was safe to go lay down in bed after that.
  • DO NOT WORRY if you see stains on your bed sheets. I *freaked out* when this happened because I thought it was supposed to be transferproof. Thankfully, it washed out of my sheets even when I waited a week after I noticed staining.
  • No one noticed at work until I brought it up. I consider this a huge benefit since it means that it didn’t look completely out of place.
  • If you play sports where there’s a lot of sweaty rubbing action (like shin pads in soccer, etc.) you may notice fading happening sooner rather than later. I timed applying my self tanner after I’d played soccer for the day and I knew I wouldn’t be playing for another 7 days.
  • As the product fades, it’ll go a bit patchy. It was absolutely fine for 5-6 days, but it was around day 8 that I noticed significant patchiness on the insides of my elbows and around my ankles. If you exfoliate your body regularly, you’ll help the product fade off nicely instead of in patches.

In short, I was really pleased with this self tanner since it’s what I was looking for: easy to apply, zero streaks and it gave me a healthy looking tan. And what I’ve learned out of all of this is I like a mousse that dries on my skin fairly quickly, and I’m just not into the self tan lotions!

St. Tropez Self Tan Giveaway


Alright, let’s get into the giveaway! I’ve got extras of the St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse, the Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion, as well as a Tan Applicator Mitt, so I figured somebody else would like to try out this line too!

Giveaway Rules

  • This giveaway is open internationally!
  • This giveaway starts on November 12, 2016 and runs for one week.
  • Please be aware that all entries will be double checked to ensure fairness.
  • Once the winner has been contacted, they will have 48 hours to provide me with their mailing address. If the winner fails to respond within that time frame, I will pick another winner. (And so on.)
  • “Giveaway accounts” will not be considered for this prize. (If you want to know what I mean by that, please click here.)

Good luck!

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