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Bite Beauty Lip Pencils (Review & Swatches)

Bite Beauty Lip Pencils

I’m always sooo curious when Bite Beauty decides to venture outside of doing just lipsticks. Granted, their brand new Lip Pencils (and subsequent lip pencil shade extension launch) is still very much FOR YOUR LIPS, but I’m still always like “oooo”. And frankly, I suppose a lip pencil is long overdue for them since they ARE so known for their lipsticks, but hey, I’m intrigued, okay?

Bite Beauty Lip Pencils
Bite Beauty Lip Pencils

When Bite launched their lip pencils, they basically boomed into Sephora. And onto Influenster (seriously, who DIDN’T see those on blogs, Instagram and Twitter??). The shade selection was impressive at the time, and even more so now since they’ve launched additional colours. Looks for a navy lip liner? You got it! Black? YES! And white too!

Bite Beauty Lip Pencils
Bite Beauty Lip Pencils

The Bite Beauty version of the lip pencil is what I would call fairly standard: it’s a wooden pencil that you sharpen with any old standard sized eye/lip pencil sharpener. The lip pencils contain whipped shea butter and glide on the lips smoothly. These are not a stiff, overly drying lip pencils – I was impressed with how easily it was to pencil in my lips without causing ANY dragging. As a result, you may find the formula is on the softer side, which will require a little bit more sharpening than some of the dryer, harder formulas out there.

Bite Beauty Lip Pencils - swatches
Bite Beauty Lip Pencils – swatches

I was sent a wide variety of shades, which was really, really nice since it gave me the opportunity to play around with the differences between shades. I was really, REALLY happy to see that 054 shade. A colour to match my Bite Squid Ink lipstick?? Heck YES!

Bite Beauty Lip Pencils – Lip Swatches

Bite Beauty Lip Pencil - 046
Bite Beauty Lip Pencil – 046
Bite Beauty Lip Pencil - 054
Bite Beauty Lip Pencil – 054
Bite Beauty Lip Pencil - 074
Bite Beauty Lip Pencil – 074
Bite Beauty Lip Pencil - 078
Bite Beauty Lip Pencil – 078
Bite Beauty Lip Pencil - 092
Bite Beauty Lip Pencil – 092
Bite Beauty Lip Pencil - 100
Bite Beauty Lip Pencil – 100

Final Thoughts

I did the daring thing (for me) and wore these under lipstick without any primer. For those new here, I am incredibly prone to lip line bleed out unless I use a lip primer so I was basically taking my life in my hands while testing these out. (A bit dramatic, I know.) What I experienced was very interesting – even with a super creamy lipstick, this lip pencil gave me the most amount of protection towards lip line bleed out that I have ever experienced outside of primer. Sure, there was a tiny bit of bleedout, but considering I am usually required to wear a lip primer with any lipstick, this was extremely impressive. So two big thumbs up for that.

Lip line bleed out covered – I can assure you that these are a very comfortable lip liner to wear because they are inherently creamy. That being said, they’re not so creamy that you’ll find your lipstick moving around (huge plus). It’s like it’s creamy, but dry enough to stay put, but definitely not uncomfortable.

The only downside though? I’m not a huge fan of the cap – I think it’s designed really weirdly and could be done a lot better.

Overall, if you like lip pencils, you can’t go wrong with these. I like them not only because they’re lovely, but also because they’ve got some oddball shades covered in there. Hooray for not just your standard nudes, pinks and reds!

The Bite Beauty Lip Pencils can be purchased at for $20 CAD each or on for $18 USD.

The products featured in this post were sent to me for consideration.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Aurora (Review & Swatches)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Aurora

At this point it should be no surprise that I go bananas over every new Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit launch. It first started with Gleam, then I fell madly in love with Moonchild and Sweets, and then finally I tried out the Nicole Guerriero palette. So I was ecstatic when we discovered that the new Aurora palette was going to be available at IMATS New York when we were there last month!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Aurora
Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Aurora

I had a few up and down moments with this palette. The shots online looked absolutely glorious: the shades were very different than the previous Glow Kit launches and they seemed really, really beautiful. However, when I got my hands on it IRL, I felt a bit deflated. The colours seemed less saturated (possibly a good thing), but it also seemed like the WEIRDEST mix of colours for a Glow Kit. (That being said, there’s so many highlighters on the market that it can be hard to top every previous launch, so I do understand why the colours are a bit kooky.)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Aurora
Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Aurora

As a result, I spent a bit of time looking at this palette being like “what the heck?”. And I think I finally figured out why I felt that way: on my skin tone, the shades I was most excited about (Spectra and Orion) verge on being unwearable. I’ve seen a few people commenting that this is much better for deeper skin tones than myself, so that may be a potential factor.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Aurora - swatches
Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Aurora – swatches

Taking a look at the shades, four of them are “easy enough” to wear: Eclipse, Luna, Helia and Lyra. Spectra and Orion are extremely colour heavy and when I wear them on my face I feel like I am overtly aware of my highlighter. I know that’s a weird thing to say for someone who does love off-colour highlighter (blues and greens are my favourite), but there’s something about those shades that just doesn’t work for me right out of the gate.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Aurora – Face Swatches

Let’s take a look at the individual face shots:

Wearing Eclipse
Wearing Eclipse

In the pan, Eclipse looks very peach but I feel it comes out more pink-toned on my skin.

Wearing Luna
Wearing Luna

Luna is a silver-white that would fall under your basic “silver-white” highlighter category.

Wearing Spectra
Wearing Spectra

Spectra is very, very interesting. It a pigmented purple with a pink reflect. The face shot is not showing nearly the amount of pigment that comes off on this colour – it can be very difficult for me to wear. I can’t go in full blast and I do have to have a bit of a tan (my body is tanned and I’m wearing a darker foundation in these shots) to make this colour work.

Wearing Helia
Wearing Helia

Helia is the most incredible looking colour in the pan – it’s a weird green-yellow hybrid that comes off a lot more golden on the cheekbones. This is a LOT more wearable than the pan makes it look.

Wearing Orion
Wearing Orion

Orion is a total failure on me and I have no clue how to make this one work. While the shot above looks okay-ish, in person it’s a disaster. This is a straight up blue streak on my face with a highly reflective sheen.

Wearing Lyra
Wearing Lyra

My favourite of the whole lot is Lyra. In the pan it’s very orange (which I’ve been looking for in a highlighter), but it comes out beautifully peachy on my cheeks. This shade does have some specks of glitter in the pan – which doesn’t bother me, but I know some people do not want glitter in their highlighters.

Final Thoughts

I don’t know how I feel about this palette. Maybe just neutral? The Aurora Glow Kit has a nice array of shades that haven’t been available in any of the previous Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter palettes. I appreciate this, but I’m also starting to feel totally tapped out on highlighters now because I feel like we’ve explored every single shade that’s out there that could be workable. It’s entirely possible that this Kit would look better on a deeper skin tone and just missed the mark for me in that respect (which is fine! Not everything is or should be tailored to paler skin tones!). Alternatively, you could also use these as eyeshadows but that’s not something I find myself doing with highlighting palettes.

In the end, for me, I do feel that this is a barely wearable palette and I much prefer the Moonchild and Sweets palettes (which are still available on their web site). So if you want to pick up a Glow Kit, I’d steer you more towards those.

If you’ve tried this palette out, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Swatch Sunday: Cargo You Had Me At Aloha

Cargo Cosmetics You Had Me At Aloha

The Cargo Cosmetics You Had Met At Aloha showed up somewhere on my Instagram feed and I was sooo intrigued by this palette! The colour palette just really called to me.

Cargo Cosmetics You Had Me At Aloha
Cargo Cosmetics You Had Me At Aloha

Sadly, as I’m writing this, I’m discovering that it doesn’t seem to be in stock anywhere at the moment and I have no idea if they’re going to be relaunching it (I have e-mails out to the appropriate people though – so I’ll modify this text if/when I hear back!)

Cargo Cosmetics You Had Me At Aloha
Cargo Cosmetics You Had Me At Aloha

Enjoy the swatches!

Cargo Cosmetics You Had Me At Aloha Swatches

Cargo - Hula
Cargo – Hula
Cargo - Waikiki
Cargo – Waikiki
Cargo -  Hapuna
Cargo – Hapuna
Cargo -  Kona
Cargo – Kona
Cargo - Shell
Cargo – Shell
Cargo - Shaka
Cargo – Shaka
Cargo - Hibiscus
Cargo – Hibiscus
Cargo - Island
Cargo – Island
Cargo - Kai
Cargo – Kai
Cargo - Tiki
Cargo – Tiki
Cargo - Lei
Cargo – Lei
Cargo - Luau
Cargo – Luau
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