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  1. The story about the Tarte blush and your husband going to Sephora reminded me of the only time my husband went to Sephora. My cat chewed my Beauty Blenders while I was on vacation, and my husband got me new ones. I did not throw away the old ones, though. I washed them, and they are just fine, except that each has holes where the fangs went. I, for some weird reason, find it cute.
    The very first eyeshadow I applied, and which opened me eyes to the power of makeup, was MAC Cork. I think it’s still the best color for me, warm brown.
    Good idea for a video! I got a tiny bit nostalgic, even though I started wearing makeup at 26. Pathetic, I know.

    1. Not pathetic at all! And funnily enough, I’m wearing MAC’s Cork eyeshadow today! I’m desperately trying to finish it up since it’s a REALLY old eyeshadow of mine!
      And awww kitty fanged beauty blenders! That IS cute! 😀

  2. I finally just got rid of a palette that my mom got me back in high school that I loved so much. It was bright and colourful, and I used maybe 4-5 shades because I was too afraid to use the brighter colours. It was the Stila “Dream in Full Color” palette and it was a thing of beauty. In recent months I’ve really given up on being sentimental, and have purged my clothes, makeup and books. I have a small space and I need to be practical instead of sentimental with things.

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