Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Blushes (Review & Swatches)

Physicians Formula Butter Blushes

The Butter Bronzer was an ENORMOUS launch for Physicians Formula in 2016, so it’s no surprise that they’d want to continue the line… I present to you: the Physicians Formula Butter Blushes!

Physicians Formula Butter Blushes
Physicians Formula Butter Blushes

However, I feel like the launch of the Butter Blushes was so incredibly subdued. I saw little to no hype about them online (aside from a random “free with purchase” on Ulta’s site that lasted all of six hours) and no one had mentioned them to me.

Physicians Formula Butter Blushes
Physicians Formula Butter Blushes

So when I saw these two Butter Blushes at Shoppers Drug Mart one morning, I gulped in shock at the price tag ($17.99 CAD each! EACH!!!) and glanced mournfully at my wallet who was about to eat the cost of them. But since I’ve been having quite the love affair with the Butter Bronzer in 2016, I didn’t even want to try to resist this launch!

Physicians Formula Butter Blushes
Physicians Formula Butter Blushes

The Murumuru Butter Blushes look and smell identical to the Butter Bronzer. Right down to having that  weird spongey applicator thing in the base – do yourself a favour and throw it out.

Physicians Formula Butter Blushes in Natural Glow and Plum Rose - swatches
Physicians Formula Butter Blushes in Natural Glow and Plum Rose – swatches

So the two shades of the Butter Blush are Natural Glow and Plum Rose. And they show up enough in an arm swatch… and it smells nice like the Butter Bronzer... but… uh… that’s where all the goodness ends.


They are so goddamn bad it’s not even funny. I’m a relatively pale skin toned person in the grand scheme of things and these do not show up on me very well.

Wearing five layers of Plum Rose
Wearing five layers of Plum Rose

In the shot above, I’m wearing Plum Rose, but I had to pack about five layers on to get even the pigmentation you’re seeing there. (And frankly, you’re probably seeing more bronzer than blush on my cheeks.) Natural Glow (which I don’t have a cheek shot of) basically ends up looking like the most tame highlighter you’ve ever applied to your face.

While I stand by the amazingess of the Butter Bronzer, I can’t recommend these godawful butter blushes. I can’t even say they’d work on people paler than me. The pigmentation is so bad that it’s practically non-existent. These are just atrocious. I’m actually offended that I spent $18 EACH on these things. Save your money – do NOT buy them. (But if you’re a masochist and want to try them for yourself, you can get them at for $12.99 USD each.)

28 thoughts on “Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Blushes (Review & Swatches)

  1. Even just looking at them in the pan they look SO BLAGH. Why is PF so opposed to adding pigmentation to things. I get they try to be natural looking, but that doesn’t mean invisible… and only for a light skintone..

    1. It’s funny, I did have hopes for them based on my previous experiences with their blushes. Natural Glow is similar to their “Natural” shade in the original hearts blush line up (loved that one, but I’m not sure if it’s still around) and Plum Rose looked kinda similar to Tarte’s Exposed which is so an awful looking colour in the pan, but wears so nicely on me. Sadly… there was just nothing good about this launch. Bah.

  2. It’s actually upsetting how Physician’s Formula doesn’t cater to a myriad of skin tones, when other brands are so easily able to do so! This is primarily why I’ve never felt inclined to purchase anything from their line 🙁

    1. Yeah I don’t get it at all – ESPECIALLY given how huge the Butter Bronzer was for so many people last year. They could definitely have expanded that colour range to fit deeper skin tones based on the demand of the public. As I’ve said before, the darkest bronzer shade they have in that line only works for me during the winter months. Which is so stupid since I’m what their (supposedly) target market is for skintones!

  3. I was wondering if they’d be a bust when I saw photos. I picked up the bronze booster trio and i’m not super impressed. It’s so powdery. I’d like to see your take on it (I think you bought them). I did manage to buy it with a mail in rebate of $9 which I sent in right away, so that took my cost down to around 10.00.

    1. Did you get the shimmery one or the matte one? I also picked up the shimmery one and I didn’t think it was too bad (used it only twice though). That review will be coming but I think it’ll be in like three weeks or something. I also got the mail in rebate (thank GOD), but I’m still waiting for the kickback on that – I heard it takes months?? Actually, YOU might’ve told me that! haha
      Anyway, the bronze booster trio was miles better than these blushes – but that wasn’t hard to accomplish!

      1. hahah yeah that was me who told you, mine took almost 3 months one time. yeah I got the shimmery one also. the white shade was crazzzzy blingy on my face but I loved it. the middle one didn’t really show up on me so i’ll try it again/ and I’m not sure how to try out the darkest shade.

  4. Omg I am so glad I read your review because I wanted to buy them. Do you have a review of the bronzer? I was thinking about purchasing the bronzer. Lovely post and Happy New Year by the way. I wish you the very best in 2017!

    1. Yeah it’s far too pale for a great deal of skintones (the bronzer). Very disappointing because it’s so good if you’re pale enough!
      Someone HAD to have tested these blushes… right? But like… uhhhhh… they’re not doing themselves a favour with this launch!

  5. oh my gosh they have blushes now too! I still haven’t gotten the bronzer and now there are blushes! Too bad they suck though… sad face! Plum Rose swatches so beautifully though, what a let down. I guess I’ll just stick to the bronzer.
    stashy recently posted…Best of 2016 DiscoveriesMy Profile

  6. That’s such a shame that these didn’t work, and for $18 CAD..! I’ve been wanting to try the Butter Bronzer for a while, but I’ll be skipping these. They don’t even really look like blushes to be honest.

  7. Sorry but you are no where near pale. I AM pale and that means paper white, without any melanin. The blush looks great on me. It shows up and defines without looking overly blushed or made-up. I love them, especially Plum Rose. If you’re anything between an NC5 and a NC20 these lighter shades will look lovely.

    1. Your response is a bit aggressive as I am indeed considered pale by a great deal of people out there. The dictionary definition of pale does not define it as “no colour” it defines it as “light in colour or having little colour”. I do indeed fall on the pale end of the skintone spectrum. To be paler than me does not make me NOT pale. And I am, in fact an NW/NC20, so I fit in the range that you identify that these would work for. I do not feel they were pigmented enough for MY tastes, but I am glad to hear that they work for you.

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