What’s On My Face – Volume 21

Colour me shocked… This group of looks has zero winged liner in it! :O


This one seemed to really play up my tan/slightly sunburned face. Pretty eye combo though.



  1. L’Oreal Infallible in Amber Rush all over the lid.
  2. MAC Sushi Flower in the outer corner and through the crease.
  3. Makeup Geek Creme Brulee through the top of the crease.

MAC Shroom on my browbone with Benefit They’re Real mascara on my lashes.

Rest of the Face

  • Bronzer/Blush: NYC Fire Island Tan bronzer


A simple one using one of NARS’ vibrant duos.


  1. NARS Mediteranee (lighter shade) all over the lid.
  2. NARS Mediteranee (orange shade) in the outer corner and through the crease.
  3. Makeup Geek Burlesque in the very outer corner to darken it up.

MAC Blanc Type on my browbone and Benefit They’re Real mascara on my lashes.


This was to try out using shades that I wouldn’t normally think to pair together.


Eyes (all Makeup Geek)

  1. Sea Mist all over the lid.
  2. Burlesque in the outer corner and lightly on the outer lower lashline.
  3. Creme Brulee through the top of the crease.
  4. Shimma Shimma on the inner tearduct.

Vanilla Bean on my brow bone and MUFE Smoky Lash Extravagant on my lashes.

Rest of the Face

  • Foundation: Boots No7 Instant Radiance foundation in Cool Vanilla
  • Bronzer: NYC Fire Island Tan
  • Blush: MAC Sea Me, Hear Me
  • Lips: Bite Beauty Fig


I did this one mostly to figure out what kind of look MAC’s Mystical lipstick would look goof with since it’s more on the brown side than I had anticipated when I bought it.


Eyes (all MAC)

  1. All That Glitters with Nylon on top all over the lid.
  2. Shag on the outer half of the lid and through the crease.

Blanc Type on the browbone and MUFE Smoky Lash Extravagant on my lashes.

Rest of the Face

  • Bronzer: NYC Fire Island Tan
  • Blush: MAC Sea Me, Hear Me
  • Highlighter: MAC Whisper of Gilt
  • Lips: MAC Mystical with Revlon Sunset Peach gloss on top


Random smoky eye look.


Eyes (all Laura Mercier)

  1. Bamboo all over the lid.
  2. Violet Ink in the outer corner.
  3. Plum Smoke through the top of the crease.

Vanilla Nuts on my browbone with Benefit They’re Real mascara on my lashes.

Rest of the Face

  • Foundation: CoverGirl CC Cream in 110 Classic Ivory mixed with Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 51 Light Vanilla
  • Bronzer: NYC Fire Island Tan
  • Blush: Milani Luminoso
  • Lips: Bite Beauty Fig

My Water-Adjacent Essentials


I am very lucky to be surrounded by friends and family who happen to have far better amenities in their apartment complexes than I do! As such, I take advantage of their pools when I don’t have the opportunity to get my butt down to Toronto’s waterfront.

Cherry Beach - Toronto
Cherry Beach – Toronto

I’ve recently embraced wearing a bikini for the first time this summer! After having spent a lot of my 20s not overly impressed with my body, I used to either shy away from situations that involved swimming or delve into the land of tankinis. But no longer! As such, I’m loving laying out by some sort of body of water (pool, lake, whatever, I’m not picky!) and soaking up some sun.

All of this to say, I’ve got a few items I’ve been carting around with me for beach or pool days and I thought I’d let you know what they are.

Hawaiian Tropic - Sheer Touch Sunscreen in SPF 15
Hawaiian Tropic – Sheer Touch Sunscreen in SPF 15

While I’m not someone who drenches themselves in oil in order to ensure maximum tanage, I’m still not wanting to remain the ghostly white pale thing that my skin resets to every winter. I usually start off the summer with an SPF of 30 and then scale it back as my tan develops. A friend recently introduced me to Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen – a brand I had completely avoided because it didn’t indicate on the front of the bottle that it’s waterproof. However, if you look at the fine print on the back, it is waterproof and therefore much, MUCH more suited to swimming. The biggest seller on this one? Aside from the scent (coconut-y, pina colada-esque), it has SHIMMER in it. Flecks of gold freaking glitter! If I have to swear sunscreen, you’re darn right I want to be looking like a disco ball while wearing doing so! I believe I grabbed this tube at Walmart for around 8 bucks.

Nestea Zero
Nestea Zero

Drinking Nestea (Zero, now) while hanging out on a friend’s dock (all the while listening to Matchbox 20, Moist and Serial Joe) is a memory that I cannot shake from my teen years. I used to spend a lot of summers hanging out on my best friend’s dock at their cottage by the lake, and I drank these by the cartonful. I’m not a huge fan of drinking alcoholic beverages by the water when it’s too hot – it dehydrates me and makes me feel fuzzy, and not in a good way. When the sun is beating down on me mid-day, and I’m covered in greasy sunscreen and feeling sweaty – I want something refreshing. And that’s either going to be a Nestea (the Canadian version, not the American one – that stuff is too much like real tea for me) or an espresso frappuccino from Starbucks.

Lounging by a friend's pool
Lounging by a friend’s pool

And I have to say, aside from a towel, a drink and some sunscreen, there’s not a whole lot I do while laying out to get some sun. After I get out of the sun though, that’s when I need a few more products.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer
Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer

After I’ve washed all the sunscreen off, I whack on Aveeno’s facial moisturizer. It has an SPF in it, but I mostly just like the moisture it provides. This is my daily moisturizer, it pretty much follows me wherever I go.

Life After Sun
Life After Sun

Inevitably there are times when I get too much sun and have to whack on some aloe. I like the gel version because frankly… it feels neat. It’s green, see-through and goes on smoothly. As you can tell from the massive amount of product I’ve already used, this helped me out quite recently when I was little overzealous in the sun. And it’s cheap too! Life brand for ~$2 at Shoppers!

The bare necessities of makeup
The bare necessities of makeup

And lastly, if I’m going anywhere after having been in the pool, the last thing I want to do is whack on a pile of makeup, but I do want to look at least somewhat alive. I’m currently going through a trial-size tube of Make Up For Ever‘s Smoky Lash Extravagant, so I’ll pop several coats of that on my lashes. Since I don’t bother with an eyelash curler, I make sure to push my lashes upwards with my finger while the mascara is drying to give my lashes a little bit of a lift.

And to bring out some colour in my cheeks, I’ve been using Revlon‘s Coral Reef cream blush. Nothing fancy here: I stick my fingers in the pot and blend it onto my cheeks and hope for the best.

Rooftop pool this time!
Rooftop pool this time!

It’s not much, but this is what I like to have around me when I’m visiting someone else’s watery area. Occasionally I’ll have a book with me, or my iPod for some music, but really… I just like laying there and dozing. (And then promptly jump in the pool when I overheat!)

P.S. The title of this blog post was a Buffy reference, in case anyone happened to be wondering. ;)

How Many Shots Does It Take?


I’m always fascinated (and sometimes annoyed) by just how many pictures it takes to get the perfect one. We always like to portray ourselves in pictures how we want others to see us. Whether it’s making sure you’re showing the world your best angle, or chopping off a few extra pounds by zooming in the picture a bit – there’s always something we’re trying to convey in the pictures we post online.

Having logged well over 100 different makeup looks I’ve done on myself that were suitable for posting on this blog since its inception this past October, I’ve learned  just how many photos it takes to get the right one. And for me, that number seems to be somewhere between 30 and 50. (And if it hits over 100…. /shudder)

So in order to get these three shots:


I’ve gone through all of these to find the least blurry, the best angle, the right “this is how I felt at this moment in time” photo that I possibly could.

201407_set1 201407_set2 201407_set3 201407_set4 201407_set5 201407_set6

And then chopped them all down in an attempt to make it look like I’m not standing in front of my badly lit bathroom mirror or in my bedroom at the crack of dawn before work!

So, tell me! How many pictures does it take you before you get one that you think is suitable enough?

P.S. If you actually want to know what’s on my face in the shots above, the full product listing can be found in this recent post: What’s On My Face – Volume 19.

What’s On My Face – Volume 20


My dark but bright eyes look coupled with dead nude lips. Always a bit of an odd one to wear in the middle of the summer, but still a staple look I go to when I want to make an impact with my makeup.



  1. MAC Blue Sorcery all over the lid. (I apply this with a damp brush to bring out the brightness of the shade.)
  2. Urban Decay Blackout in the outer third of the lid and pulled through the crease. I also lined my lower lash line at the outer edge with this shade.
  3. Makeup Geek Creme Brule at the top of the crease to blend everything out.

MAC Blanc Type on the browbone and Benefit‘s They’re Real mascara on my lashes.

Rest of the Face

  • Foundation: Boots No7 Instant Radiance in Cool Vanilla
  • Bronzer: Joe Fresh Sand Bronzer
  • Blush: Wet n Wild Mellow Wine
  • Highlighter: MAC Silver Dusk
  • Lips: Rimmel Apocalips in Nude Eclipse


Quick weekend look!



  1. MAC Greensmoke all over the lid.
  2. MAC Club in the outer corner and through the crease.

MAC Blanc Type on the browbone and Benefit They’re Real on my lashes.

Rest of the Face

  • Bronzer: Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in Light/Medium
  • Blush: Illamasqua Tweak


Love how this came out – especially the lip combination.



  1. MAC Vanilla pigment all over the lid.
  2. MAC Cranberry on the outer half of the lid and blended up really high.

MAC Blanc Type on the browbone, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper to create the wing (significantly less thick than I normally make my wings) with Pür Minerals Big Look Waterproof mascara on my lashes.

Rest of the Face

  • Bronzer: NYC Fire Island Tan
  • Blush: MAC Sea Me, Hear Me
  • Highlighter: MAC Vanilla pigment
  • Lips: Revlon‘s Red Velvet lip butter with Creamsicle lip butter on top


I never get tired of Sleek‘s Bright Mattes palette. That and winged liner. So combine the two and you’ve got a very happy Chelle!


  1. Sleek‘s Chill on the inner half.
  2. Sleek‘s Dragonfly on the outer half.

MAC‘s Shroom on the browbone, Tarte‘s black gel liner to create the wing and Make Up For Ever‘s Smoky Lash Extravagant on my lashes.


This was an odd combination to throw together (in my book) but it came out okay-ish.



  1. L’Oreal Amber Rush all over the lid.
  2. Makeup Geek Dirty Martini in the outer corner and through the crease.
  3. Makeup Geek Fuji at the top of the crease to fade out the darker green.

MAC Shroom on the brow bone and Benefit They’re Real mascara on my lashes.

Rest of the Face

  • Bronzer: NYC Fire Island Tan
  • Blush: Bobbi Brown Apricot
  • Lips: Revlon Sunset Peach lipgloss

Fitness Friday – Mid-Year Goals for 2014 Update

At the start of 2014, I set out a few goals for myself for the year. This is a quick update to keep me on track and to keep me motivated for the remaining months left in 2014.

So here were my plans, accompanied by their excuses… errr… I mean, progress! ;)

Want to drop 10 pounds and see 140 lbs. on the scale by the end of year

I have to laugh because everyone has a goal like this for a new year! Unfortunately, I’ve had very little downward mobility in this department. I’ve fluctuated up and down 5 pounds  over the last few months but am currently sitting bang on 150 at the moment. I have, however, set myself up with some incredibly strict dietary restrictions until I go on vacation in September so my first mini-goal is to get down to 145 pounds before September 10th. From there it’ll be another 5 pounds down before the end of the year. I find my self-control with food comes in spats and then gets obliterated by a particularly bad eating weekend. Frustrating, to say the least.

Don't mind if I do!
Don’t mind if I do!
Want to run a half marathon

I actually have a half marathon scheduled for September! I’m going on vacation with a good friend to Prague and I decided to sign up for the Usti nad Labem half-marathon, which is in a city roughly an hour north of Prague. I’m not sure how jet lag will factor into this whole equation since the race is two days after I land in the Czech Republic, but I suppose I’ll just muscle through it if it’s really that bad.

The training to get up to being able to run a half marathon has been slightly extensive and I’m still ramping up my kilometers every week in anticipation of the race. I have no real time goal for this other than just to complete it. I believe the cutoff for completion is three hours which, barring something happening to my body DURING the race, I should be able to clear that time with ease.

I have to say I am *really* excited about this half marathon. Not only to be doing it for the achievement, but also for the experience to be doing it in a different country, in a city I don’t know at all. This should be absolutely exhilarating!

Want to do an unassisted pull up

Progress isn’t good in this department. Having suffered a shoulder injury for five months out of this year, I’m only just now getting back to where I was in the weightlifting department. I still have a lot of work to do – I’m about halfway there, but it’s the remaining half that’s the hardest! (Currently doing 70 pound assisted pullups, which means I’m actually only pulling up 80 pounds of my own weight.)

Ottawa Race Weekend - 5K
Ottawa Race Weekend – 5K
Want to run multiple races

Mission accomplished! I’ve run six races so far this year and have another two or three scheduled before the end of the year. I’ve really enjoyed the whole routine of racing – from wearing a bib, to training, to the actual atmosphere on race day. It’s been a culture I’ve really liked getting involved in and I think I’ll be keeping it up over the coming years.

Want to bench press 100 pounds

I’m getting there! I’m sooooo close now! Just this past week I managed to get back up to my previous bench press personal best (75 lbs.) and surpassed it by doing several sets of 80 pound reps. I have to say that benchpressing that much weight is actually kind of scary: Every time I go up an increment of 5 pounds I feel like I’m going to suddenly drop the weight on me. It gets better every time, but dang, I wasn’t expecting to feel like my life could flash before my eyes at any second!

I’m only 20 pounds away from my target now, and I feel confident that I’ll be able to do 100 pounds by the end of the year. (This one is super exciting to me!)

Old photo (from a video) of me squatting from December. Unfortunately I didn't have anything more recent.
Old photo (from a video) of me squatting from December. Unfortunately I didn’t have anything more recent.
Want to be able to squat 160 pounds

I’m starting to wonder if this is unobtainable this year. I’m up to 115 pound squats (10 pounds lower than where I was before), so it’s “only” forty-five more to go, but I’m going incredibly slowly because of my strained piriformis. (It does seem to be getting better though – I think going back to squatting has helped strengthen the muscles around it.)

So that’s my update. I’ll have an end of year update when we get there to see if I actually managed to accomplish everything! Did you have any fitness goals set out for yourself this year? How’re you progressing on them?

Ipsy – July 2014 Glam Bag


I’m going to blow the surprise right here, right now.

This bag was amazing. Hands down the best one I’ve had yet. There isn’t a single product in here I won’t use (aside from that hideous, HIDEOUS pink froofy makeup bag that everything came in) and every single one of the products performed way, WAY beyond my expectations. Here’s what I got:

bareMinerals READY eyeshadow 2.0 in The Inspiration
bareMinerals READY eyeshadow 2.0 in The Inspiration

The most exciting product to me was the bareMinerals eyeshadow duo in The Inspiration in a baby-sized palette. The light pink shade is Muse and the purple shade, which has some lovely gold sparkle in it, is Passion. Having never tried any bareMinerals products before, I was super pumped to try these out. And man oh man, did they ever live up to their hype. These went on my eyelids like a dream and the colours were perfect combination to stick in a duo together. After the amazingness of this duo, I will *definitely* be looking into more bareMinerals products in the near future.

Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass in Cherry
Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass in Cherry

*GASP* I love this product so much. I’ve always oogled Benefit‘s lip and cheek tints, but never took the plunge, so I was downright squealing when I got the Elizabeth Mott version of it in my bag. And this product seems to work equally well on both my lips and my cheeks. I believe Cherry is their own colour so far, and it’s a stunner. It smells faintly of cherries, but not that horrific cough medicine scent that I usually associate with artificial cherry scented things.

Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass in Cherry on the cheeks
Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass in Cherry on the cheeks

Much to my surprise, this lasted throughout the entire work day on my cheeks. The colour is just the colour I want for summer too – slightly pinky-red, so it looks like I’ve been running around and got slightly sunburned. I will say that it seems to eat a bit at my foundation since it’s a liquid product, so be aware when you’re applying not to be too rigorous with your blending. (I blended it in with a Real Techniques Expert Face brush.)

Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass in Cherry on the lips
Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass in Cherry on the lips

On my lips it comes out slightly more pink, but still… *amazing*! The colour is beautiful and settled onto my lips beautifully. It’s slightly drying, but that’s to be expected of a stain. It does look rather natural, as most stains do on me, so I find this really easy to wear.

I’m so pleased that this worked out so well on both areas it’s supposed to work on. Usually you hear about dual-location stains as really only being any good for one area, not for both.


Another winner! I wasn’t expecting to like this (never mind love it) after the disaster that was the Be A Bombshell mascara from last month. Pur Minerals is a brand I’ve seen often at Shoppers Drug Mart, but never really looked into their products in depth.

First off, the brush wasn’t something I thought I’d enjoy. It’s bulky, rubberized and the mascara kind of clumped around the wand. And then I put it on my lashes and I shut right the hell up with my complaints. This sweeps on easily and coats all my lashes. It lengthens them. Thickens them. And from some angles I look like I’m wearing false lashes. AND it’s truly waterproof. Getting this off was hard work, but I appreciate that because when I need something to be waterproof, I need it to not. freaking. budge. And this definitely did not budge. No flakes throughout the day either, which is something I’m prone to. When I run out of this, and finish up all the other mascaras I have kicking around, I will definitely look into picking this up. (Side note: The top of the packaging has that bubbled on wet look that MAC just made famous with their Alluring Aquatics summer collection this year. Just thought that was really neat!)

Pur~lisse Pur~Protect Essential Daily Moisturizer
Pur~lisse Pur~Protect Essential Daily Moisturizer

This product confuses me. It’s labelled on some sites as a moisturizer and as a sunscreen on others. Pur~lisse‘s Pur~Protect smells heavily of sunscreen (it does have 30 spf after all), so I feel like I’d use it more as a sunscreen than a moisturizer. However, I did use it as my only moisturizer under foundation yesterday and my face didn’t feel especially dry. I’m always happy to receive sunscreens, particularly ones for the face, so even if I don’t use it as a moisturizer I’m still happy with it. (Plus, this is an expensive product on its own in the full size tube.)

Marrakesh - Endz
Marrakesh – Endz

Marrakesh Endz is an argan and hemp oil therapy (but really, it’s a cream product) split end mender and preventer. I don’t truly believe that it can mend split ends (hair is dead after all, and if it’s split at the ends it’s sure as hell not going to re-grow back together again), but I do think it can help my split ends “feel” better.

At the moment I have some really “crackly” ends to my hair. I only get a haircut about once a year and something happened to my hair about two years ago that made it go really crispy (wish I knew what the heck it was). Most of the crispy-ness has thankfully grown out by now, but the last inch or two of my hair still has this horrible straw-like texture to it that I really need to get cut off. All that to say… this stuff actually helped make the ends feel better. Less crunchy, as it were. I think it’s a purely artificial feeling, but hey, I’m not complaining!

The smell isn’t bad either. It’s quite pleasant – the usual argan smell mixed with… cinnamon maybe?

All of that stuff, on ma face
All of that stuff, on ma face

Ipsy July 2014 Breakdown (all prices in USD)

  • bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0 in The Inspiration ($7.40 for 1g , full size is $20 for 2.7g)
  • Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass in Cherry (full size, $22.99)
  • pur~lisse pur~protect essential daily moisturizer with 30 spf ($13.63 for 15ml, full size is $55 for 50ml)
  • Marrakesh Hair Care – Endz (smaller bottle size, $5.99)
  • Pür Minerals Big Look Waterproof Mascara ($13.60 for 3.4g, full size is $20 for 5g)

BAG TOTAL = $63.61

Bag full of goodies
Bag full of goodies

My Thoughts

This was the highest value bag from Ipsy so far, and the only one I’ve had to break $60 worth in goodies. As I said at the start, this one was an absolute winner of a bag. Get any of the products if they look like they’re up your alley and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Use Up 2014 – Update

At the start of the year I chose 14 items that I liked well enough to use up, but that I wasn’t interested in repurchasing. The goal was (is!) to clean out my collection of items that kind of just sit around because I don’t reach for them daily. Usually when I force myself to use a product over a period of time, I discover new ways to use them. And since I’m a fan of progress updates (there’s a fitness one coming this Friday on how I’m progressing with my fitness goals this year!) I thought I’d give you an idea on how I’m doing with my chosen 14 for the year.

The products I wanted to finish
The products I wanted to finish

Since I made the mistake of junking one of the products without thinking about it, let’s get to that one first. It was MUA‘s Matte Foundation in Shade 1 Soft Sand. I used to think I liked it – it goes on really smoothly on the skin and the colour match was really good. However… over time it turns my face into a greasepit! I’m not even an especially oily-skinned person either so that was super disappointing. It wasn’t worth finishing so when I got to halfway in the tube, I just chucked the whole thing out. (It was in my previous Empties.)

CoverGirl + Olay CC Cream - Tone Rehab
CoverGirl + Olay CC Cream – Tone Rehab

I’m quite proud of this one actually! CoverGirl & Olay’s Tone Rehab CC Cream foundation was my most used foundation throughout the winter months this year. It was too dark throughout those months so I mixed it with a lighter foundation (Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Gel foundation in 51 Light Vanilla) and it worked out wonderfully. Of course, now it’s too pale for the summer months on my tanned face so I’ll have to wait till  the autumn months to wear it again. Interesting to note is that the swirled in Olay cream eventually gets squashed down as the product decreases in the tube.

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Natural Mint
Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm in Natural Mint

This one is totally dunzo. Jack Black‘s lip balm is really only flavoured vaseline with SPF.  I wore it mostly while running at the gym (I get dry lips while running) and it didn’t do a whole heck of a lot. Like any vaseline product though, this was great at protecting my lips from windburn in the freezing winter months when I wore it outdoors.

MAC - Strawberry Malt
MAC – Strawberry Malt

MAC‘s limited edition Strawberry Malt lipglass is beautiful… for the first fifteen minutes after application. Over the years I’ve just gone off of lipgloss because it really doesn’t have any kind of decent lasting power, particularly when you work in an office environment and don’t have the luxury of checking your makeup every waking second.  My best example of this is that I had put this gloss on shortly before an hour long meeting I had at work, one in which I was expected to speak out loud, but not carry on the entire meeting. I was even complimented on my lip colour when I walked into the meeting! So I spoke a bit throughout that hour, but not extensively. By the end of the hour, all of the gloss was gone from my lips – to the point that the person who had complimented me actually asked “what happened to your red gloss??” at the end of the meeting. That’s just ridiculous;


So lately I’ve opted to layer this over top of lipstick so that it at least lasts a little bit longer. I’m a little bit over halfway done with the tube, so it really shouldn’t last that much longer.

MAC Eyeshadows
MAC Eyeshadows

Finishing up four eyeshadows is actually a bit more of a ballsy thing to do than most people may think. I wasn’t even sure I was going to be able to do it! But when I really started focusing on it, I started plugging through the shadows relatively quickly. Brule was the first one I finished up – I used it primarily as my daylight browbone highlight shade. Next up was Haux which became my go-to lazy day shadow – not something I wore too often, but often enough that I was finally able to finish it up.

As for the ones I haven’t finished… there’s Shroom, which is really close to being done. It’s slightly shiny/shimmery, so while I use it as a browbone highlight, I don’t use it on the daily.  The other remaining one is Swish, a frosty pink hell-ish nightmare. I think I’ve used it once this year and I have to say I really, really don’t like this shade. I bought it in my teens and it’s not a shade I’m particularly interested in using in my adult life. The texture of this has also gone very, very soft and crumbly. If I don’t use this up by the end of the year (and I won’t) I’ll just end up chucking it out.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in Light/Medium
Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in Light/Medium

What a mistake choosing this bronzer was. I have no chance in hell of finishing this guy up. I used it daily for roughly four months straight and the only thing I succeeded in doing was obliterating the sun emblem in the middle of the product. If I look at the pan intensely, I don’t even see a dent in the product. I don’t know what this is made out of, but it might as well be a brick. I became so frustrated with my lack of progress on this product that I ended up moving on to other bronzers that I enjoy using more. One thing’s for sure though, the lack of progress I’ve made on this bronzer has stopped me from buying anymore bronzers completely.

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm in Twilight
Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm in Twilight

No progress to report on this one. I wear Revlon‘s Twilight lipstain every now and then, but due to the nature of the tube I can’t tell how much is left. It still seems to contain plenty of product though since it’s still very moist when I apply it.

Revlon - Sunset Peach
Revlon – Sunset Peach

Awkward and disorienting “Now” shot! Revlon‘s Sunset Peach gloss is about halfway done and should be gone by the end of the summer. It’s an easy summer shade to pop on, so I’ve had a lot of use out of it lately.

Revlon Lip Butters
Revlon Lip Butters

Yikes, my lip butters need work! Cherry Tarte is done, but Creamsicle and Red Velvet need some serious work done to them.

And of course little Mr. Noms came outside on the balcony to see what I was up to while photographing my products!
And of course little Mr. Noms came outside on the balcony to see what I was up to while photographing my products!

Well, I’m a lot less far along on these products than I thought I was going to be halfway through the year, particularly with the lip products. I had expected to plough through the lip products but struggle on the eyeshadows. When in actuality it’s the reverse. And let’s not even talk about that bronzer, I’m totally pissed off at it. *grumble grumble*

Products I’ve Hit Pan On #2

My original “Products I’ve Hit Pan On” post  has become one of my most visited posts on this site. So I suppose that means I’m not the only person interested in seeing some well-loved products!

Clockwise from top left (all MAC): Naked Lunch, Nylon, Club and Shag
Clockwise from top left (all MAC): Naked Lunch, Nylon, Club and Shag

These MAC shadows aren’t ones I’ve recently hit pan on, but I forgot to include them in my last post.

Naked Lunch (top left): I bought this in 2009 as part of a look I wore for a friend‘s wedding (anyone else associate certain products with periods in their life?). I don’t wear it so often anymore, but I typically tend to use this in gradient looks. For example, Naked Lunch, Star Violet, Sketch, or Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Sketch. It can be quite frosty, but it’s a beautiful highlighting shade that’s on the pinker side.

Nylon (top right): This is my second pan of Nylon and one of the original first few MAC shades I bought in my early teens. Nothing beats Nylon for a frosty, luminescent glow.

Shag (bottom left): Another one of my original MAC shades – this one has long since been discontinued. Shag is very, very similar to Haux, just slightly more red-brown instead of Haux‘s rosy-browness. I only hit pan on this one because back in the day I stuck a pin in the middle of the shadow to figure out how much I had left!

Club (bottom right): Club has been a staple in my collection over the years. It’s a browny-green duochrome (which can also often look like a rusty-brown shade) that has been duped by many other companies over the years, but this was the “original” shade to me. This one crumbled on me at one point and I had to re-press it.

Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream Kiss
Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream Kiss

Nivea’s Caramel Cream Kiss is a newer purchase for me (just this past March), but it’s become well loved. It does leave a bit of a white cast on the lips if you apply too much, but since it’s the balm I put on before I go to bed at night, I’m not really that fussed about what it looks like. It doesn’t really smell like caramel to me, but it’s certainly got a sweet, syrupy scent.

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink

I really loved this lip conditioner when I first bought it a few years ago, but I no longer wear it nearly as much as I used to. This sits relatively untouched now in my makeup drawer at work unless I’ve forgotten to bring some kind of lip product with me that day. It’s smooth on the lips and has that vanilla scent to it that all other MAC lip products seem to have, but unfortunately it just doesn’t have a great deal of lasting power.

MAC - Blue Sorcery
MAC – Blue Sorcery

This is actually my second pan of this shade, but not because I finished it! My first Blue Sorcery actually smashed to pieces to the bedroom floor a few years ago and it was completely unsalvageable. I ended up buying a new one on Ebay since it was limited edition and I don’t regret it – that teal shade is *insane* when applied to the lids with a damp brush. I’ve hit a bit of the terracotta pan that it sits on (left-hand side) so I guess that counts as hitting pan? There’s certainly plenty left of this one though!

That’s it for this edition! Are you scraping bottom on any of your products lately?

Tag: Lipstick Love

I was tagged to do the Lipstick Love Tag by the ridiculously fun to read beauty blogger Kalyn. Check her out if you haven’t already – her reviews are worded in a way that keeps me coming back to her site daily!

Onward with the tag!

How many lipsticks do you own?

55! This included anything that wasn’t a lipgloss, so it’s a mix of lipsticks, balms, liquid lipsticks and butters. (mmmm butter)

Bonne Bell Lipshades - Image from Ebay
Bonne Bell Lipshades – Image from Ebay
What was your first ever lipstick?

Like Kalyn, I think Bonne Bell‘s Lipshades were the first lipsticks I remember owning. I’m fairly certain I owned a disgusting shade of browny-gold back in the day. But these things were the coolest. They had no separate cap, instead you pulled the “trigger” down and the lip stick popped up out of the tube while opening the cap at the same time. For a pre-teen that was pretty much the coolest thing ever.

There’s also a high chance I had a really revolting Wet n Wild lipstick as well. Back in the 90s, the Wet n Wild brand was not nearly as good as it is today. I’m fairly certain the WnW lipstick I had was a horrible hot pink grease stain on my lips. Awful!

What is your favourite brand of lipstick?

Revlon, hands down. There is nothing out there that beats their Creme formula from their Super Lustrous line of lipsticks. It’s scentless, tasteless and lasts for hours without bleeding outside my lip line. While I do appreciate some scents in some brands of lipsticks, I have to say that as a whole, I prefer the zero scent approach. It’s safer and never leaves me with a weird taste in my mouth like some lip products can.

Also worth mentioning is that I’ve owned quite a few of Revlon‘s Lip Butters over the last few years and they’re absolutely wonderful as well.

What is your most worn lipstick?

My most worn lipstick over the last few years has been Revlon‘s Creme Brulee Lip Butter. I’ve actually gone through two tubes of this lipstick, but I don’t currently own a third one so I’m showing you the dead, massacred end of my last tube that’s sitting in my Empties bin.

Revlon - Creme Brulee
Revlon – Creme Brulee

If you’re looking for a lipstick that I haven’t actually finished up and wear frequently, then the award goes to Bite Beauty‘s Fig lipstick. The formula, as everyone else will tell you, is pretty spectacular. The shade itself is the easiest thing for me to match to almost all my eye looks. And there’s something oddly intoxicating about the taste of this lipstick too (despite what I said in the previous question, this lipstick does have a really appealing scent to me and it never leaves a wonky-ass taste in my mouth). And I have to say, I do like rooting for the brand since it’s Canadian. I just wish there was an actual physical store in Canada since I feel a little gypped paying Sephora’s inflated prices since they’re reconverted from US Dollars back to Canadian dollars. We’re really getting the short end of the stick on that one!

Bite Beauty - Fig
Bite Beauty – Fig
What is your favourite finish?

I used to think it was mattes. But I realized that that was just because I associated the longevity of a lip product with the finish. So whatever the heck the finish of Maybelline’s Vivids lipstick are… that’s my favourite. They’re like semi-shiny/creamy with a semi-matte dry down. I keep coming back to loving mattes because there’s so much less hassle with smearage throughout the day.

The one balm I'm lugging around
The one balm I’m lugging around
How many lipsticks do you currently have in your handbag? (including balms and glosses)

I don’t carry a handbag, ever. Instead, I wear a backpack on my walk in to work every day (I wear workout gear to work and change there, so I put my work clothes in the backpack) so I use that as a purse stand-in. All that to say… I have a single lip balm in my backpack – Nivea’s A Kiss of Berry Swirl. It’s okay, not amazing, but it sure is pretty to look at. (Women… so easily amused by products…)

Lipstick storage
Lipstick storage
How do you store your lipsticks?

In clear acrylic containers I picked up from Marshall’s. I don’t really like the shape of one of them since it has rounded edges and really doesn’t fit particularly well on my makeup desk. In hindsight I should’ve stuck with the boxy shape of my other acrylic container. However, I really like the look of the clear acrylic containers (as does everyone it seems) since it keeps everything neat and tidy.

MAC's Russian Red
MAC’s Russian Red
What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip?

MAC‘s Russian Red. I’ve gone on about this lipstick more than enough. But it’s gorgeous and I love it. On me, it’s a darker red and I don’t tend to wear it in the spring and summer months, but as soon as fall hits and *especially* when winter hits, I am loving this shade all over my lips. It’s matte and has amazing staying power. The matteness also ensures that this isn’t a red lipstick where I have to be constantly checking my lips to make sure I haven’t smeared it all over my face throughout the day.

What lip products are you currently lusting after?

Too Faced‘s Melted liquid lipsticks. Oh god teh pretteh. I want these so badly, but I’ve been holding off on them for a long while now because realistically, the shades aren’t anything that I probably don’t already have in my collection. But… but… they’re new! And exciting! And in a squeezy tube! Yep… I’m getting prettttty close to my breaking point with this…

And to keep this tag going, I’m tagging Sarah from Workaday Ramblings, Nicci from A Different Face and Hilary from The Beauty Collective.

What’s On My Face – Volume 19

Time for round 19 of makeup gunk I’ve splashed on my face!


I wore this one during Toronto’s Pride Week and really liked how this came out. You can really never go wrong with Makeup Geek‘s Utopia, such a beautiful blackened gold that seems to work with every colour imaginable.



  1. Inglot‘s Shine 132 (silver) all over the lid. Then apply Too Faced‘s Glitter Glue on top of the silver and tap on Makeup Geek‘s Utopia pigment on top. Utopia is also applied on the inner half of the lower lash line.
  2. Makeup Geek Creme Brulee through the top of the crease.
  3. Inglot‘s Matte 338 (turquoise) in outer corner and through the crease and blend it in to Utopia. 338 is also applied on the outer half of the lower lash line.
  4. Urban Decay‘s Blackout in the very corner to darker up the turquoise.

MAC Shroom to highlight the browbone, Tarte‘s gel liner in Black to create the wing with Urban Decay‘s Black Velvet pencil liner on my inner rim. Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Extravagant on both sets of lashes with a pair of J. Cat false lashes in EL13 glued on. Instead of my usual MAC Omega on my brows, I’ve switched to Anastasia‘s Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde.

Rest of the Face

  • Foundation: Revlon Colorstay (Dry/Normal) in 220 Natural Beige
  • Bronze: NYC Fire Island Tan
  • Highlighter: MAC Whisper of Gilt with MAC Silver Dusk on top
  • Blush: Illamasqua Hussy
  • Lipstick: (not pictured) Too Faced Coral Fire


Quick and easy, no-fuss look for a weekend brunch.



  1. Maybelline Bad to Bronze all over the lid.
  2. Sleek Bark on the outer half of the lid.

MAC Shroom to highlight the brow bone and Sephora‘s Full Action Extreme Effect mascara in Purple on my lashes. Anastasia‘s Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde through my brows.

Rest of the Face

  • Bronzer: (also used as a blush) NYC Fire Island Tan


One of Nikki Tutorials’ recent recreations was a look that was inspired by Cheryl Cole. I took Nikki’s tutorial and tried to replicate it as much as possible which was, thankfully, relatively easy given that I had almost all of the exact same products she used. So here’s my take on her tutorial!



  1. MAC Coppering all over the lid as a base layer. Then apply Too Faced Glitter Glue on top of Coppering, and tap on Makeup Geek‘s Vegas Lights pigment.
  2. Combine Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear, Too Faced Semi-Sweet and Too Faced Cherry Cordial and blend that in the outer corner and through the crease. I also ran this combination all along the lower lash line.
  3. Makeup Geek Creme Brulee through the top of the crease.

MAC Shroom on my brow bone, Tarte‘s gel liner in Black to create the wing and Urban Decay‘s Black Velvet liner on my inner lower rim. Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Extravagant on my lashes with Ardell 102 Demi false lashes. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Blonde through my brows.

Rest of the Face

  • Foundation: Revlon Colorstay (Dry/Normal) in 220 Natural Beige
  • Bronzer: NYC Fire Island Tan
  • Blush: Tarte Dollface
  • Highlighter: Hard Candy Tiki
  • Lips: Starlooks Naked lip liner with NYX Butter Gloss in Maple Blondie on top


This look came about as I was doing my “Four or More: Eyes Edition” post and remembered just how much I love the sheen/duochromeness of the Color Tattoo in Waves of White.



  1. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Waves of White all over the lid.
  2. From Sleek‘s Acid palette, use the darker blue shade in the outer corner and through the crease.

Makeup Geek Creme Brulee blended through the top of my crease with MAC Shroom on the browbone. Make Up For Ever‘s Smoky Lash Extravagant on my lashes.


Judging by what foundation I used, I think this look is from a month or more ago. I was going through a pink crease phase and this was one of the looks I came up with.



  1. MAC Shroom all over the lid.
  2. MAC Copperplate on the outer half of the lid.
  3. Makeup Geek Simply Marlena through the crease.

MAC Shroom to highlight my brow bone. Tarte‘s gel liner in Black to create the wing and L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara on my lashes.

Rest of the Face

  • Foundation: CoverGirl CC Cream in 110 Classic Ivory mixed with Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 51 Light Vanilla
  • Bronzer: Joe Fresh Sand Bronzer
  • Blush: Joe Fresh Apricot cream blush with Be A Bombshell‘s Beach Please powder blush on top
  • Highlighter: Too Faced Candlelight
  • Lips: Inglot Lipgloss in AMC 544